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Creating Your Personal Guide To Racing Faster

By Eric Schwartz

A great way to learn to race faster is to document your racing experiences. After each race fill out an evaluation, documenting such things as race conditions, nutrition (before and during race), race strategy, etc. Then use this as a road map for success in future races.

For example, every time you do an ironman you could spend two hours agonizing over what to put in your transition bags, or you can write down what you did, and then use that list the next time you do an ironman. Or, you might do several short distance races and learn that you need to take in calories for a race over 1:40, but for shorter races you can go without. Maybe you do the same bike race every year and at a crucial point a small lead pack is created. Write it down, and look at your race evaluation before next year's race, and train for that moment. If you're lucky, you might have found a secret bathroom with no lines. Remembering that for next year's race is priceless.

At some point a famous athlete philosopher, maybe it was Athlacrotes, said, “Those athletes that don't learn from history are bound to repeat their mistakes.” Do race evaluations regularly and don't repeat mistakes.
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